Regulatory and Legal Information

The IP Asset Partnership Limited (“IP Asset”) is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales under Registration Number 09367292. Our registered address is 30 Bankside House, Stationfields, Oxford, OX5 1JE, UK. Our registered VAT Number is GB203586128. A list of the directors of IP Asset and their qualifications is available for inspection at our Oxford office. Copies of our general terms and conditions are available upon request.

The IP Asset Partnership Limited is regulated as a business of patent and trade mark attorneys by the Intellectual Property Regulation Board (“IPREG”).  Our patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys are UK registered patent attorneys and/or registered trade mark attorneys (unless otherwise stated). Both the company and the UK attorneys are subject to the IPREG Code of Conduct.

Our European patent attorneys are members of the European Patent Institute (“epi”) and subject to the epi code of conduct when acting before the European Patent Office.

Vicki Salmon is a solicitor practising through IP Asset. As IP Asset is regulated by IPREG, her practice as a solicitor is primarily regulated by the IPREG Code of Conduct.  Her conduct as a solicitor practising through an IPREG regulated firm is additionally subject to rules 1 (Core Duties), 12 (Framework of Practice), 20 (Rights and Obligations of Practice), 21 (Separate Businesses) and 24  (Interpretation) of the SRA Code of Conduct. Other solicitors practising at IP Asset are regulated in the same way.