John Gregory

John Gregory


A UK and European Patent Attorney with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and over fifteen years of experience of working as a private practice and an in-house attorney.

John has experience in the development of patent portfolios for sole inventors, medium sized companies and very large companies, in a large number of technology areas including automotive and aerospace fuel systems and medical devices for the self-injection of drugs.

John’s experience of working as an in-house attorney has led to a thorough understanding of the intellectual property challenges faced by engineering companies. Having spent a great deal of time working directly with inventors, engineering teams, sales and marketing teams and senior managers, John has developed a set of tools that can be used with intellectual property owners to make dealing with those intellectual property challenges as easy as possible.

The tools allow the portfolios of the intellectual property owners that we work with to be grown and managed in ways that maximise the value obtained from the investment made in them. Any risks, such as those risks associated with third party rights can be readily identified and communicated concisely to senior managers and any mitigating actions can be taken at the right time, cost effectively and in a manner that meets the expectations of the owner’s customers.

John’s practice of working closely with the creators, inventors, managers and owners of intellectual property, on a face to face basis whenever possible, ensures that technical information relating to the intellectual property is collated swiftly and translated into a right that is aligned in the best way to the commercial strategy.

As of March 2019 John will be based in our new Dublin office.

When not working John can usually be found at the races with his wife and two young children.