Cecilia Ruiz

Cecilia Ruiz

Senior Associate

Cecilia is a European Patent Attorney, qualified for over 8 years, with experience in the Biotech and Life Sciences sector. Having taken a 2-year career break during the pandemic, Cecilia previously worked in a large leading private practice patent firm in London and in June 2022 joined the Chemistry and Life Sciences team at IP Asset Partnership.

During her time in private practice, Cecilia was involved in a diverse range of technologies in the life sciences field, specifically in the areas of foodstuffs, protein-based therapeutics, nanoparticle formulations, biomarker diagnostics and medical uses for known compounds, focused in the area of petcare, infectious diseases and neurological disorders.

Cecilia has gained hands on experience in preparing, filing and prosecuting various large patent portfolios and Due diligence projects for her clients. Cecilia’s particular expertise is providing strategic and pragmatic advice on filing and prosecution strategies and coordinating international prosecution of patent portfolios for her client’s commercial needs. With her personable approach, Cecilia likes to understand her client’s inventions and commercial needs and enjoys helping clients understand and overcome challenges in the patent system. Cecilia has had experience in working with a wide range of clients, from small start-ups, universities, and large foodstuff manufacturers. Cecilia has also had experience in advising clients for Examination and Opposition proceedings before the EPO.

Cecilia has a background in Biochemistry and Forensic Science and graduated with a first-class Honours from Queen Mary University of London in 2007. During her degree, she undertook a Dissertation and Bio-analysis research project funded by The Health Department Unit, directed towards the development of a protein reagent for quantitative and qualitative detection of nanoscale protein residues on reusable medical equipment. Techniques developed by herself formed part of an overall research project within the Health Department and now form part of a worldwide Patent portfolio, mainly commercialised in the UK and US. Before commencing her career in patents and straight after her Bachelors degree, Cecilia undertook a Masters Degree in the Management of Intellectual Property at Queen Mary University of London, during which she was selected to participate in 9th CONGRESS OF European Intellectual Property Institutes Network (EIPIN) travelling around Europe and taking part in three conferences dealing with the enforcement of Intellectual Property rights.

Cecilia has also previously assisted in providing training internally and externally to trainees in the profession in preparing for the European Qualifying Exams.

Besides English, Cecilia is a native Spanish speaker and has knowledge of French and German from having lived in Germany and Switzerland. Outside work, Cecilia enjoys travelling around Europe visiting friends and family and using her linguistic skills, organising fundraising events for her children’s primary school and spending time with her young family exploring the outdoors in rural Sussex.